The End of the Moratorium on Rental Evictions

The End of the Moratorium on Rental Evictions

After a long period during COVID-19 where rental evictions were halted, the pause on eviction has ended in New York. Tenants can now be subject to eviction once again and they will no longer be given a pass for skipping rent.“Landlords are able to proceed with evicting tenants as if the moratorium never happened,” said Ryan McCall an attorney at Tully Rinckney. “So assuming that service was effected and landlords properly served their termination notices and petitions, they can begin evicting tenants.” There are now no repercussions and landlords will no longer be accepting any excuses for not being able to pay their monthly fees on time. This should hopefully restore the overall process of collecting rent and removing a bad tenant if need be.

Statewide Credit Services does their job in making sure rent payments do not become overdue, manage past due homeowners association dues, deal with tenants who are defaulting on lease agreements, and handle the skip tracing of previous tenants. If you’ve been to court and got awarded a judgement against your previous tenant, SCS can enforce that judgement and get you the money that is rightfully yours to have. SCS will also do reports on the delinquent consumers to the 3 major credit bureaus, which will help to speed up the process of recovery.  They work professionally on a contingency fee basis and only get paid once they get the job done. There is no court action required prior to placing the debt with SCS for collections. If litigation becomes necessary, SCS will make sure to facilitate all actions required for judicial intervention.


Are Debtors Getting Better?

A Debtor

Will Not Get Any Better

He’s Going To Keep Up The Stall

So Why Not Make That Two Second Call

Statewide Has Been Collecting For Over 25 Years

So This Should Alleviate All Of Your Fears

Do It Now, You Should Not Wait

You Don’t Want The Statute To Run & Then It Will Be Way Too Late!!

10 Questions To Ask Before You Hire A Collection Agency

Many companies today are choosing to outsource their debt collections because either they don’t have the personnel and expertise to manage it or the cost factor involved in doing same.  Hiring a collection agency ensures that your staff can  devote their precious time to other areas within your company where they are better trained to do so, instead of stressing over collection calls.  When deciding to hire a collection agency, ask the right questions to make the right fit for your business:


Just because a collection agency is licensed in your state, it does not mean that they are licensed in every state. What happens if your debtor whom, you did business with originally in your state moves to another state? Your collection agency has to be licensed in the state where the debtor NOW resides.  If your agency is unlicensed and attempts to collect your debt they could face legal ramifications under the FDCPA, this would reflect poorly on your business.  This is why it is important to make sure that the agency that you choose is licensed in all 50 states.


Anyone can pick up a telephone and make a dunning telephone call to a debtor, but it takes a trained professional to collect money.  A true professional collector should be trained by the American Collector’s Association and continuously re-trained on all State and Federal laws and guidelines.  Know who is making calls to your creditors.


Many collection agencies charge on a percentage based on the amount they collect, also known as acontingency fee.  This fee will most likely be based on the age and volume of your receivables.  Many agencies will charge a higher fee based on the size of the debt, i.e., (if your debt is under $300.00 the contingency might be increased by as much as 15%).


It is a good idea to get a feel for what types of companies the collection agency has experience with.  Have they work with your industry before?  Can they provide you with references?


Typically, agencies will require the debtors name, contact information, balance due that you are requesting that they collect, any contractual agreement or signed documents  acknowledging the debt and  any other pertinent documentation.  Any correspondence that you had with the customer regarding the balance due is very important to the agency as well.


It is important that the agency of your choice realizes that although you are owed money, you have a reputation to maintain and would also like to keep a working relationship with the customer.  For this reason, I refer you back to #2 of this blog.  The collector must be professional as well as tactful when speaking to your customers, never harassing, nor belligerent.  It is a good idea to find out if your agency tapes their telephone conversations.


Your agency should provide you with both monthly statements as well as progress reports on your accounts.


A good agency should have a separate “skip-tracing” department. Skip-tracing is the act in which, an individual utilizes state-of-the-art technology to find debtors that have moved from their previous known address.  There are many means available to an agency to do this, such as certain programs that the agency pays for, as well as the Dept. of Motor Vehicles, the internet, the credit bureaus or merely fishing around.   A good skip-tracer is like a detective, they are rewarded when they find their subject.


Not every business is exactly the same, for this reason you need to know that a collection agency that you partner with will conform to your needs.  Other than retaining an attorney to do your collections, most collection agencies will basically offer you the same services.  An agency will write letters on your behalf and make telephone calls.  What are their hours of operation,?  Do they have extended hours?  Will the agency litigate on your behalf, if needed?  Many agencies will tell you that they are authorized to mark a debtor’s credit profile, but is the agency that you have chosen authorized to mark all 3 credit repositories?


Even if the collection agency has answered all of your questions, they have provided you with outstanding client references and they have conformed a business plan to suit your needs, you may still be hesitant to forward your delinquent accounts to them because they require you to “jump through hoops” to do so.  But in some cases getting started can be relatively quick and painless.  Ask the agency how long the new client placement process usually takes, and what information you will have to provide to get started.  You may be pleasingly surprised by the answer.

Statewide Credit Services (SCS) is a debt collection agency servicing commercial and consumer collections since 1989.   SCS has a team of extremely talented and professionally trained collectors as well as highly skilled skip tracers and account representatives.  By maintaining a commitment to excellence for over 25 years SCS continues to set the standard amongst collection agencies.  Combining personal interaction and the latest technologies our customers benefit from one of the industry’s highest recovery rates.  

Guided by Michelle Schwartz, Pres. SCS ( continues to earn a rating of A+ by the Better Business Bureau year after year.  With an unparalleled success rate SCS has been the top choice collection agency amongst thousands of professionals around the world.

Play Ball: How to Collect a Debt

Collecting a debt is no easy task. If you want to hit a home run and collect, you first need to get to first base. By following these 4 simple steps, you’ll be on your way to getting the money you’re owed.


Identify Yourself and the Consumer (your debtor)


Ask for Payment in FULL, then PAUSE & LISTEN:

This is extremely crucial to the success of your call. Whether you are an experienced collector, or a novice you should NEVER deviate from Steps 1 or 2, or you have already compromised your monies!


Identify the Problem & Find a Solution:

The caller/collector should first and foremost determine a “stall” or a “legitimate objection”.


Score The Run/ Close The Deal:

Close the deal with either a payment plan or better yet, payment in full. If you have arranged for a

payment plan make sure that you have outlined: the date due, the amount due, the total due, and

the frequency.  Be sure that you know the means of payment; and whether or not the debtor will be

mailing the payment or there are other scheduled arrangements.  Be certain to document everything!

If you are having trouble collecting a debt, we’d be happy to help. You don’t pay a fee, unless we collect, so there is no risk on your part. Feel free to call us at 516-546-1447 or use our form here



Why Choose Statewide Credit?

click to view invoiceWe understand that you have options when it comes to outsourcing your early out and bad debt receivables, which is why at Statewide Credit Services Corp./SCS we make an effort to exceed your expectations every step of the way. Our goal is not just to earn your business, but to retain that relationship on a long term basis.  At SCS we pride ourselves on client retention, and that is because of 2 major factors; Good Customer Service & Excellent Collection Performance.   At SCS besides from our collectors ongoing training under the guide lines of the American Collector’s Association, each and every personnel is taught to place an emphasis on ethics, professionalism & diplomacy when it comes to dealing with both debtors as well as clients. Although there is an outstanding debt/invoice between you and “Joe Debtor” we don’t want to severe any long term relationship that you might have had, or might still have.  Therefore, all debtors are handled with courtesy and respect.

SCS has maintained an exceptional reputation and superior recovery rates since 1989.  We are fully compliant with all applicable laws FDCPA, FCRA, HIPAA, TCPA.  We realize that your patient/public relations are more important than any one account, and that is why you should entrust your receivables to SCS, an agency always on top of their game. We have a highly experienced management team, and state-of the-art computer equipment to provide you with up to date status reports.  From collections to credit reporting, Statewide Credit Services professionals are highly qualified to help your business improve its cash flow.  Cash flow is like the engine that drives any thriving business.  Without your hard earned money, you mind as well close your doors.  Let Statewide show you how to keep those doors open and it won’t cost you a DIME!!!!